Things at the Murray Household (Apr 2019 Edition)

Another quick update post so that you all have an idea of what’s going on at the Murray house.

I really appreciate all of you who reached out with kind words after my last email. I really wanted to respond to each of you individually. That hasn’t proven to be something that I could do, but I’ve read each of the emails, and it was really heartwarming to hear from so many of you.

Given that I can’t reach out to you all individually, a blog post seems like the best way to update as many of you as possible.

I believe I let you all know that I was fired in October. I found another job in November, went to three months of training, and then started doing actual computer programming again.

Unfortunately, the company I was working for wasn’t able to land the new work they thought was going to materialize when they hired me. In March, all of the employees of the company were laid off. I was on a project at the time, so I was the last one to be let go.

I had some advance warning that something like that might be coming, so I started networking in Feb, and then actively looking for another job when the rest of the employees were laid off.

While nobody likes to be laid off, I feel fortunate on a few counts. Firstly, I was fortunate in that I was the last one let go, so I’ve had 3 extra weeks to look while still working that the rest of my coworkers didn’t get.

Secondly, this parting was much more amicable. It’s also a lot less devastating when you see it coming than when it blindsides you.

Lastly, the advice I got from a family friend that I should try and get into the ServiceNow ecosystem seems to have been really good advice. I haven’t landed a new job yet, but I’ve had quite a few interviews and second interviews. The percentage of applications turning into interviews that I’ve been seeing is fairly unprecedented in my experience, and speaks to the strong demand for talent in the space and the relative scarcity of people with the needed skills.

As far as the allergies go, we seem to have gotten the baby to a baseline diet where he’s not having problems. It’s really limited, and we haven’t had much luck yet adding additional foods to Katie’s diet, which is rough for her, but it’s progress.

With our oldest, Katie did a ton of research looking for foods that were less likely to cause Daughter #1 problems, and then we put her on a very restricted diet as well. We got her to a baseline where she was doing really well, and then she got sick with some kind of viral bug and her symptoms flared back up.

On the writing side of things, I’ve been experimenting with Facebook ads again. I’ve got a small spend that is roughly break even each week, but haven’t managed to replicate the 2015 experience and scale it up to where it is bringing in significant numbers of new readers.

We’ll keep pushing forward with our fingers crossed and see where we end up.

4 thoughts on “Things at the Murray Household (Apr 2019 Edition)

    1. Dean Post author

      Hi, Shanna.

      I’m definitely planning on writing more Reflections books. I need to focus on my day job still for a while to make sure that I can take care of my family, but once I’m fully up to speed on what I need to know for my new career, I plan on resuming work on my books and finishing up my various series.

      I’m glad that you have enjoyed the books. I’m anxious to see how they end too. 🙂



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