Mailing List Update

I made some changes recently to the mailing list signup process. I went back to a Google groups approach. It has the benefit of being free, and I suspect that the emails sent out via Google groups have a much higher probability of making it in front of you all than the service I’ve been using.

If you have problems signing up, please drop a comment here on the blog, or shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do to fine-tune things.

2 thoughts on “Mailing List Update

  1. reflections_reader

    Hi Mr. Dean,

    I started reading your books when I came across them years ago in my early teens on the Books app on my iPad and I recently went back to read them. I really enjoyed your books and could not put them down. I went through your whole series (Reflections not Dark Reflections) in less than a week. I have read Broken
    and will soon be reading Left, but I can’t seem to find any books after that. Are you going to continue and finish Adri and Alec’s story the end of the last book I read felt like there was still a lot more to come to the story? I have been having a hard time gathering information about any sort of updates, having a hard time navigating your blog and finding recent updates. This is the closest I’ve come I hope to hear back from you soon.

    I understand that you have a life outside of these books but any update on wether as of now you plan on continuing writing these and what an estimated time frame would be for these books (a year, 2 years, 3 yEARS ETC)

    Thank you for your time.

    A devoted reader

    1. Dean Post author


      I’m glad that you’ve been enjoying the books again on your second read-through of them! You’re right that Left is the last book I released in the Reflections series.

      There is definitely a lot more that I had sketched out to have happen in the series.

      I’ll try and get a blog post out in the next little while with an update and an estimate as to what things are likely to look like as far as timelines.

      All the best,



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