Awesome Readers!

Hi, Everyone.

As many of you know, I’m at the Salt Lake City Comic Con this week. I’m exhausted and given that tomorrow is an earlier start even than today was, I should be in bed asleep already, but I met an awesome reader today (along with her mom and sister) who totally made my entire day.

We got pictures together and then it wasn’t until after the three of them had walked away that I realized that I should have asked to get a copy of the pictures as well (nobody but my daughters have ever been that excited about getting a picture with me before and I suspect even my girls are even starting to think that Dad isn’t as cool as he used to).

So apologies for not thinking to have someone get a picture of us with my phone while we were at it. If you’re going to be an the convention again tomorrow (and you happen to read this) I’d love for the three of you to stop by my table again, or failing that for you to email me a copy of the photos you took of us.

I’m meet a ton of really nice people over the last two days, but the three of you have definitely been the high-point of the experience so far!

All the best,


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