A Slew of Free Books!

Hello, everyone.

J.L. Hendricks, another writer who also happens to be a big fan of the Reflections series, has put together two big lists of free romance books and urban fantasy books that you can get through InstaFreebie.

I haven’t read the stuff on the list, but there are definitely some intriguing books there that I need to check out once I get all of these multi-author bundles done.

Here’s the romance list: http://jlhendricksauthor.com/2016/09/30/romance-on-instafreebie/

And here’s the urban fantasy list: http://jlhendricksauthor.com/2016/09/30/urban-fantasy-paranormal/

A big thanks to J.L. Hendricks for both mentioning a couple of my books in her posts and for the glowing endorsement/recommendation she included of Broken and the rest of the books in the Reflections Universe!


2 thoughts on “A Slew of Free Books!

    1. Dean Post author

      Hi, Suzi.

      It’s nice, isn’t it? I still have to pinch myself a little sometimes when I look around and realize just how cheap it is to buy awesome books compared to what I remember growing up. Wen you throw in the fact that so many authors give readers a chance to pick up the first book in one or more of their series for free, there is no doubt in my mind but that this is the best time ever in the history of the world to be a book lover. 🙂



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