The Society Chapter 4 (Re-read)(No Spoilers)

Here are some of my notes from Chapter 4. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, but please don’t post any spoilers for someone who might be reading along. I’ll make another post for spoilers.

Skye is so sure of things here, operating on such a small amount of information, and completely mis-interpreting it.

Still, back in the ‘present’ she’s so far managed to avoid getting killed, captured, or otherwise doing something that would blow her mission. Not bad for a brand new spy with so little training.

Given that this is a book, something is going to have to go wrong to add some tension. What do you think is going to go wrong next?

3 thoughts on “The Society Chapter 4 (Re-read)(No Spoilers)

  1. Erin Quill

    Sometimes I feel like overconfidence and less stress come into play when you’re not given much information and when you don’t have the right context for it anyway. Skye’s fantastic! She’ll figure it out along the way.
    In terms of what could go wrong next: Some of the info she misinterpreted could land her or her friends/allies in trouble. (The downside to not enough info.)


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