One Girl Trapped Between Two Loves, Neither Of Which She Remembers

Dying sucks for everyone, but for Selene there are added complications.

Becoming one of the Awakened, a group of godlike beings, should have been the end of Selene's worries. Instead, dangerous people who want the secrets she hid away in a past incarnation are hunting her, and every time Selene uses her abilities she pays a price—losing memories that are impossible to get back.

Jace, Selene's hunky ex, has promised to protect her, but when Selene is kidnapped by Jace's brother Kyle—who she was married to before Jace came into the picture—things get strained.

Without Kyle's help, Selene can't save the people she cares about, but trusting Kyle could have unfortunate consequences.

Immortal is a PG-13 Young Adult Paranormal Romance novel with a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

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"I knew when I read the first book in this series that I was going to love it, and Mr. Murray did not disappoint. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite sets of characters ever." -Amber Sweeney (Amazon Reviewer)

"[After] placing author Dean Murray in control of our thought processes, we may never settle for ordinary again. He takes us to places that are totally unbelievable and yet very realistic..." -Michelle T. Hortman (Amazon Reviewer)