Becoming A Queen Wasn't Part Of The Deal

Adri is the happiest she's ever been, but a noose is slowly tightening around the entire pack. Alec is more powerful than ever—as his victory in Chicago demonstrated—but despite that the Coun'hij has the perfect tool for killing him and shattering his pack.

Puppeteer is stalking everyone Adri holds dear, closing in with an army of bestial creatures who are immune to Alec's special ability. Alec needs to buy himself time to secure allies, and make good on his promise to restore the monarchy if any of them are going to survive, but that is going to require sacrifices from the entire pack—and Adri most of all…

Riven is a clean Young Adult Paranormal Romance with more a 4.9-star rating on Amazon.

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"Exciting, Gripping and Sexy!" -Amber Johnson (Amazon Reviewer)

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