A Breathtaking New World With Unexpected Consequences

I felt like I'd lost everything. My home, my girlfriend, my friends, they were all washed away by a group of shape shifter thugs who were determined to keep their boots on the throat of every wolf and hybrid in North America.

Graves Manor being burned to the ground was the last straw. I was relieved when Alec, the leader of our pack, told us to scatter and go to ground while he worked on a plan that would allow us to fight back against the hybrid enforcers who had come so close to killing us.

I thought Ash, Kristin and I were in for a few quiet weeks. I didn't realize one of my companions was a ticking bomb or that the other was hiding a secret that was going to change the world as I knew it.

Lost is a clean Young Adult Paranormal Romance novel with a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon.

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"This series continues to grow and turn into something so much more than 'just' a paranormal romance. Fantastically well-written and thoroughly enjoyable." -Merissa (from The Archaeolibrarian Book Blog)

"[Y]et another book that I simply could not put down...definitely don't miss this one." -Janelle Gordinier (Amazon Reviewer)