What Happens When You Lose Everything?

Jess awoke to a world she doesn’t really understand, hounded by impulses that are quite literally more than any human could be expected to control.

It’s painfully evident that her friends and family are doing everything they can to help her regain her footing, but she can’t help resenting the fact that none of them lost as deeply as she lost in their last confrontation with the Coun’hij.

More than anything she wants to turn to Alec for help. The alpha of the pack should be a constant source of strength and reassurance, but in his own way he’s nearly as damaged as she is. What’s worse, a new threat has just arrived in Sanctuary and Jess is starting to wonder if Alec will sacrifice her as the weakest link in a crippled pack.

Intrusion is a clean Young Adult Paranormal Romance short story.

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"Just keeps getting better...the characters are phenomenal and the story is different and engaging." -Nichole (Amazon Reviewer)

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