A Desperate Search For A Lost Child

I'rone's guardians have never particularly like Betreec, but that hasn't damped her determination to catch his eye. When every able bodied person in the Capital is turned out to search the abandoned sections of caverns for a lost child, it seems like the perfect opportunity to get him out where she can start acting on her interest.

When the stakes grow to include more than just a few stolen moments, Betreec will realize just how little she really knew I'rone before they set out.

I'rone is a clean Epic Fantasy short story with a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

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"This series of books are so engaging. Not just this series, but all of the writings of Dean Murry. I've also read the Reflections series and felt like I just couldn't get enough." -Denise Toffey (Amazon Reviewer)

"This short story delivered! It does a great job at rounding out the first book and what led up to it." -Janelle Gordinier (Amazon Reviewer)