When Even Your Dreams Aren't Safe, There's Nowhere Left To Hide

Adri just wants to make it through the next two years of high school so she can graduate and go out on her own, but she's in for a big surprise. Adri is about to develop a unique power that will thrust her into a shadowy world filled by preternatural creatures who want to use her for her own ends or barring that, kill her to keep her out of someone else's hands.

At home, at school, even in her own dreams—nobody is who and what they say they are, and her time is running out. The only thing she knows for sure is that if she doesn't trust anyone, then she's as good as dead.

Hunted is a clean Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel with a 4.9-star rating on Amazon.

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"You would think that I should know by now not to start one of Dean's books in the evening as it always ends up with me going to bed late!" -Merissa (from The Archaeolibrarian Book Blog)

"I don't know what made the author take his beloved characters into an alternate timeline, but it WORKS!" -Jenine Anderson (Amazon Reviewer)