A Legacy of Blood, Fire, & Unbelievable Love...

Faced with helping to murder hundreds of thousands of innocents—including Brennan, the rebel leader she's grown to love—Skye did the only thing she could. She defected and fought her way through the Society's troops, bringing along all of the people who meant the most to her.

Armed with a captured Society dropship and the advantage of surprise, Skye and Brennan finally have a chance to make a future for themselves but first they are going to have to fight their way past the Society's single most dangerous asset, and this time even Skye might not be able to guarantee their success.

The Warlord is a clean Young Adult Dystopian novel.

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"Wow, it was different but so good I read it twice..." Juanita G. (Amazon Reviewer)

"...fantastically told. I enjoyed it from start to end." Melissa M. (Amazon Reviewer)